I'm Maria, a Wedding & Portrait Photographer serving Indianapolis & beyond. Most days you can find me curled up on the couch next to our pups, editing while listening to the chitter chatter of little voices and trying to catch up on the latest Hallmark movie or watching Ella's choice of a Disney movie for the millionth time. 

There is a special place in my heart for destination weddings and portrait sessions.  Being a photographer is a life-giving job that keeps on giving. I am blessed to have an incredible career that captures the journey of couples lives through engagements, weddings, parenthood, and so much more.

Redheaded wedding & portrait photographer, 

My Story

Meet My Family

" Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten."
- Lilo and Stitch

Matthew can occasionally be found assisting me on sessions or wedding days. Although, most days when I am out shooting he can be found spending time with our babies and fur babies, planning our next vacation, or watching UK Basketball or Cubs games! 

 our travel agent, biggest supporter, occasional assistant! 

My Other half - Matthew

Ella is our 4 year old daughter who loves to sing, dance, and loves Disney just as much as her mommy! Her favorite princess is Belle! The first thing she will tell you if she meets you is that "My kitties name is Sidney". She is so proud of that little kitty of hers. 

our sassy, fun loving, future MMP wedding photographer


Aiden is our 10 month old little boy who loves to smile, eat, sleep, and spit up. He is just starting to crawl and I know Ella and myself are in a world of trouble when he starts to pick up his speed on that. He is already into all of his sisters toys. She hates it!

Our blue eyed, blonde haired little boy that loves to be on the go! 


Sophie was our first baby that we brought home 7 years ago. She is our little protector who barks way too much, loves to sleep and cuddle in our laps, and drinks fresh water from a cup daily. 

Our Toy Poodle, Cuddle bug, & princess


Denali is our 3 year old husky who we brought home on a whim. She was the best not planned decision we ever made. She is so unbelievably loyal and great with the kids. She bursts with energy and has such a strong personality. 


Our husky, sweet, loyal & energetic 

Sidney is our newest family member and was also not planned. You see on Thanksgiving of 2019 we were asked by a family friend if we would ever get another cat. I said we wont go looking for one but if one falls into our lap and needs a home then we will not turn it away. Well four days later that is exactly what happened and next thing we knew was we found ourselves with another cat! 

Our orange & white Kitty who is lovey & feisty at the same time


Riley we didn't have long but the short time we did have him he made such an impact on all of our hearts. He was the sweetest little kitten who loved to cuddle with the kids. He loved Ella and Aiden so incredibly much and was such a sweet addition to our family while we had him. 

Our little angel in heaven 
May 2019 - October 2019


Ten Years Photographing Love Stories

Five Years Married to the love of my life

Girl Mom, Boy Mom, Super Mom

Three earth side furbabies, one with wings

Twelve trips to Disney

Honeymooned in Ireland and Scotland

Hallmark Movie Lover

Never coffee, always McDonald's Coke

More Fun Facts 

Matthew and I were married at Walt Disney World in 2015 at Disney's Wedding Pavilion.
In case you couldn't tell from the first fact we are pretty much Disney obsessed and we travel there at least once and sometimes twice a year. 

Yes, both of our children have Disney inspired names.

I binge watch Hallmark Movies, pretty sure our DVR is 75% just Hallmark Movies.
I despise coffee and when we're meeting at Starbucks, it's likely you will find me sipping on a peppermint hot chocolate instead; however I would prefer a McDonalds Coke if were being honest.
We love to travel and I'm currently dreaming of our next overseas trip. 

Cinderella Blue might just be the best color ever especially when paired with Rose Gold.

I am a certified scuba diver, and have dove in Hawai'i, St. Lucia, and in the Living Seas aquarium at Epcot.
The only pair of tennis shoes I own are multiple pairs of the Kate Spade sequins line, and yes one of them are rose gold. 

Ella calls Princess Ariel and Princess Merida "Mommy Doll" because of my uncanny resemblance to the two Disney Princesses.